Recruiting as a Web Based Service, No Hassles.
How RecruitOne Serves You

Full-powered candidate management system without the complexity.

Easy Integration
 Modularity Functions
 Collaboration for Easy Team Work in
    Single or Multiple Offices.
 Real-Time Access and Knowledge

RecuitOne is an on-demand web-based recruiting software. Our service is suitable for small medium to large size businesses and based on your budget.

With RecruitOne you and your team can quickly and affordably manage all aspects of your recruitment operations online, share information and streamline the recruitment process.

RecruitOne is a quick and easy-to-use solution for your recruitment needs, available anytime, anywhere.

RecruitOne Functions:

 Manage your jobs, candidates, and
 Import resumes in Doc, PDF, HTML
 Access powerful recruiting features
    and reporting
 Keyword searching of all attachments
 Customizable date entry fields with
    drop down menus

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